Upstate Trail Life Camporee 2019 Saturday 10-19-19 update:

A site survey was preformed today Sunday 10-13-19.

We will have access to commercial power and water at a location that is an open field with trees on either side.

146.610 has good coverage and can be used in the exercise.

We will need to provide our own tables, chairs, and shelter as needed and can use club field day equipment to do so.

After our operation concludes at 1600 hours supper will be served followed by a bond fire ending with the calling of the net from that location if possible.

See photos posted to website for a look at the site.

Thank you

Upstate Trail Life Camporee

Upstate Trail Life Camporee 2019 Saturday 10-19-19

Hello all

We have been invited to take part in an event known as the Upstate Trail Life Camporee 2019 Saturday 10-19-19

The purpose for our involvement is to expose for the first time the Upstate Trail Life troops to Amateur Radio, the hobby.

At this point in time Trail Life the organization does not have a program involving radio communcations which places us in the unique position of introducing them to Amateur Radio and being able to take part in the growth of a program within their organization.

The same weekend the boy Scouts of America will be holding their area fall campout in Woodruff SC with one of their activities being the jamboree on the air.

The Spartanburg radio club will be supporting that event.

Our goal will be to set up a mini field day site and allow those that wish to do so talk with the scouts.

Activities for us will begin at 1200 hours with the setting up of equipment to be used for the event.

Event time:
1400 until 1600 for show and tell with our part completely ending at 2200 hours.

If all go’s well the expectation is that we will also call the 2 Metter net from that location.

Table Rock Westlyan Camp
125 Bethany Cove Drive
Pickens, SC 29671

It is important to have a head count to give to the organizers of the event, by end of this weekend.

So if you plan to attend please advise by answering this e-mail with your contact information and
phone number and e-mail address.

Feel free to bring your own equipment and make use of it.

More information will follow as we receive it.

Thank you


Hey folks, there have been some issues reported. I would like to ask, that where ever this message shows up for you, if you would please reply to that location (Facebook, email, Twitter, WordPress, etc) that you received this message.

Many thanks.

Upcoming PrepperNet meeting, with Skinny Medic presentation

PrepperNet will have a meetup Sept. 19th (third Thursday), 6pm at the Cherrydale Golden Corral (3240 N Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville, SC), in the private room. Our host speaker will be Skinny Medic, and he will be training on first aid when there is no medical assistance in a grid down situation. We would love to invite each and every one of you to join us. You never know when you might be faced with a situation that you can be of assistance and save a life.

September Meeting

Hello all

The Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society will be holding their monthly meeting Monday September 2 2019.   

The meeting will begin at 7 PM in the upstairs conference room of the Red Cross building located at 940 Grove Rd Greenville SC 29605.

The program for the month will be on echo link.

We look forward to seeing you there.

August Meeting

We would like to invite you to attend the August meeting of the Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society.


American Red Cross

940 Grove Rd, Greenville, SC 29605

Meeting starts at 1900 hours.

Our program will be given by Alex Norwood as a follow up of last meetings program on DMR.

We will also be discussing next years Hamfest along with Field day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Raspberry Pi power and mounting

I’ve been in need of a good way to mount my growing collection of Raspberry Pis (rpi) and to power them from a convenient power supply. Wall warts are notorious for not supplying the correct voltage or meeting the right amperage requirements. To that end, this article was begun.

A bit about my needs, I have a rpi that includes additional hardware in the form of what is called a “hat” and also a SATA hard drive. This hat fits on top of the expansion header on the rpi, and provides additional functionality. For this article, I will be using the club repeater antenna monitor system as an example.

The initial setup consisted of a rpi, a Pi-plates DAQCplate (for Analog to Digital Conversion), and a SATA to USB board for the hard drive. The system runs from a 5Vdc/4A AC/DC power supply (wall wart). During testing under load, the power supply regularly dropped to 4.8Vdc. The rpi requires a voltage between 4.8 and 5.2Vdc. Below 4.8Vdc, the whole system becomes unstable, with possible loss of data, poor A/D acquisition, and a whole host of other issues.

After a fair amount of searching, I came upon a hopefully better approach to the power supply issue, in the form of the Bitscope Blade Uno Pi (BB01). This has a few useful features beginning with a wide range (9 to 48Vdc) power supply which outputs 5Vdc at 3A (4A peak). This allows me to use any of my ham radio power supplies and/or battery systems to power everything. Additional features of the BB01 include an extra 5Vdc power header, and dual USB jacks to power other devices.

More to come soon!