Silent Auction at the January Meeting (Mon., Jan. 6th) [UPDATED]

As previously announced, at the January meeting we will have a silent auction of Amateur Radios and related equipment. This will be the last chance to bid on equipment from the Red Cross Ready Room before the remaining equipment is sold off. All proceeds from the auction and sale of the remaining equipment will go towards funding the rebuilding of the Ready Room with modern, working radios & equipment.

All of the equipment has been laid out with accompanying cables, manuals, and accessories wrapped up for easy viewing. We also did some additional equipment testing, and the test results will be included on a sheet for each item.

Please come to January’s meeting and bid on any equipment you would like to purchase! The meeting will be at the Red Cross (940 Grove Road) on Mon., Jan. 6th, 2020 @ 7pm.

Equipment for Auction

(Click on each picture to see a larger version)

Kenwood HF Transceiver, Remote VFO, & Tuner

[Powers on; untested beyond that]

Yaesu FT-60 handheld radios (dual band)

[There are 5 of these radios. All have a AA battery adapter (no rechargeable battery). One is missing the antenna. Untested.]

Can bid on one or multiple radios. The highest per-radio bid will win the # of radios they bid on, followed by the next highest per-radio bid, etc. The lowest per-radio bid will win the radio without an antenna.

2m VHF Amateur Transceivers

Radio Shack HTX242

iCom IC-28A (25 watts)

[Volume control knob not working. Transmit tested OK; couldn’t hear audio on receive]

Power Supplies

Belmorr 20A Power Supply

Motorola 5A Power Supply (Model # HPN3196A)

[Tested & Working]

Audiovox/NPC 4A Power Supplies (two of these)

[Tested & Working]

Packet Controllers

Advanced Electronics Applications PK-88

[Powers on; untested beyond that]

Packet Controller: PacComm Tiny-2 MK-2


CB Radios

Realistic TRC-492

Radio Shack TRC-481


APC UPS model BF250

[Power up; untested beyond that]

Motorola Battery Charger NTN5538C


Motorola MaxTrac 100

Maxon SP-5050D Handheld Radios – 5x

[All have charger, holster, and hand mic; unknown what these were used for or what their frequency range is. Untested.]

Realistic AM / FM Clock Radio Chronomatic 267


[Has 3.5″ and 5.25″ floppy drives, two keyboards with old style large round connectors, and mouse. Untested.]

Reminder Prepper Meeting tonight.

Hey guys, this is a reminder of the Upstate Prepper Meeting tonight 6 PM at The Golden Corral in Cherrydale.  They will be celebrating Christmas with a White Elephant exchange if you would like to participate.  White Elephant gifts $10 or less. The meeting will also be covering next years events. Which will include planning for programs and the March camp out.   Hope to see ya there.

Last Chance Amateur Equipment Auction

Hi folks!

We had a silent auction of Amateur Radio equipment at the December club meeting. In preparing to sell the remaining equipment on Ebay, we realized there was some extra equipment which wasn’t on the inventory for the auction. We decided to do a 2nd silent auction at the January meeting. This will be our true “last chance” auction.

All of the equipment has been laid out with accompanying cables, manuals, and accessories wrapped up for easy viewing. We also did some additional equipment testing, and the test results will be included on a sheet for each item.

I will be sending out an updated inventory list for perusal before the meeting.

Please plan to attend the January meeting at the Red Cross (940 Grove Road) on Mon., Jan. 6th, 2020 @ 7pm.

Any questions, let me know!
Danny KN4BEM

Christmas Dinner

A reminder, tonight is our Christmas dinner. Please remember to bring a dish and a drink.   For the program, our replacement repeater was successful tested last Saturday, and will be brought to the meeting as part of the program.  For those of you that wish to operate the repeater please bring your hand held equipment.
Look forward to seeing you all tonight.  

BRARS Christmas Dinner

Christmas club dinner will be Monday December 2, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Red Cross. The club is providing the Ham, plates, cups and cutlery and would like for everyone to bring a covered dish of your choice. So if some can bring deserts that would be helpful. Also bring your own drink. The meeting will begin with Christmas dinner followed by the program on the new repeater system, ending with club business. We look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

61 controller and test radios are ready for a live test.

Hello all

The 61 controller and test radios are ready for a live test.

If all falls into place we would like to do a live test (that would be carried out during a net) of the complete replacement repeater system which includes radios, cable systems and controller.

This Saturday 11-30-19 1700 hours until after the net.

At the 61 site.

We will need a number of resources for the test.

Net control:
It is Nathan’s (KJ4RQZ) night to call the net.

He has agreed to call it on site which will allow for any problems that may arise to be handled quickly.

Remote stations:
Need stations located north and south on highway 85 as well as locations known to have questionable coverage.

With the goal being to acquire signal reports that will assist in the build of the system.
Please if given an opportunity on the air make it known. We will be looking for any information during the test period that would be helpful with the build.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Johnny WD4DYH

Upstate Prepper Meeting

Upstate Prepper Meeting

Third Thursday of this month 11 21 19 at 6 PM

Golden Corral
3240 N. Pleasantburg Dr.
Greenville SC 29609

Meal and fellowship begins at 6 PM

Program begins at 7 PM

Program topic will be:
Understanding power systems

There will be a speaker present from Blue Ridge elect to give the basics on power generation and distribution followed by a program on alternative power sources.

Please make plans to attend.

Trail Life Camp 2019 Update

10-16-19 update for the
Upstate Trail Life Camporee 2019   To be held Saturday 10-19-19.

Table Rock Westlyan Camp
125 Bethany Cove Drive
Pickens, SC 29671

( Event time has changed )

Event time:  
Arriving and set up between 0800 and 1000.
1000 until 1600 for show and tell with our part completely ending at 2200 hours.

After our operation concludes and for those that wish to remain on site supper will be served followed by a bonfire ending with checking into the Blue Ridge 2 meter net.

We will have access to commercial power and water at a location that is an open field with trees on either side.

Tables and chairs may be needed and can be supplied from club resources.

Please advise if you need either of these.

For 2 meters and HF contacts from the site we will be using the BRARS call sign ( W4NYK) and looking for the SPARC call sign (K4II) from the Woodruff Scout Camp.

146.610 has been selected as the 2 meter repeater link between the two events.

Below you will find the ARRL recommended HF frequencies for use by the jamboree on the air:

80 meters:     3.940

40 meters:     7.190

20 meters:     14.290

17 meters:     18.140

15 meters:      21.360

10 meters:      28.390

The jamboree on the air will be operating all weekend.

See link below or search the ARRL website for JOTA.

American Radio Relay League › jam…Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) – ARRL

If you are unable to attend but would like to participate please feel free to use the information provided here to do so.

For questions or to participate please call / text

Thank you