2020 Hamfest Volunteer Signup

    Hamfest Volunteer Opportunities on Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th 2020

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    Please check which activity you wish to help with.

    Setup Friday 2PM to 8PM
    Physical Security Friday 6:00PM to Saturday 7:00AM
    Selling tickets at main gate Saturday 7:30AM to 1:30PM
    Provide walking Security in Flea Market/Disabled Parking Saturday 7:45 to 2:00PM
    Assist in Testing/Forum Area Saturday 7:45AM to 2:00PM
    Assist at Club table Saturday 8:00AM to 3:00PM
    Assist with teardown Saturday 2:00PM to 6:00PM

    Thanks and 73 for your interest in supporting our Hamfest with your time and energy!