Digital Modes

Digital modes require additional hardware and software to run, you will need a computer and one or more of the software packages listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but does contain the more popular packages.


Ham Radio Deluxe which has become commercial software, previous versions were free. Supports most common digital modes. Runs on Windows platforms.

fldigi supports most common digital modes. Runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

Fldigi is installed on the club field day computers.

3 Replies to “Digital Modes”

    1. KK4DDX,
      JT65 and PSK31 both are usually run on SSB (USB preferred). They might work on FM but it would take some experimentation to get the tones to work correctly.
      I would be willing to sked a QSO with you, I am usually available anytime.
      Your QRZ listing shows you in Gallatin,TN but the map and detail page show you in Greenville, County, SC. The Tenessee QTH might be a bit of a stretch, but SC should be no problem since I am located in Simpsonville, SC.
      (864) 593-2094

  1. If anyone is interested in JT65, I have been using it and it is easy to setup.
    You’ll need and HF rig to cover the band that you are interested in working, and a Good sound card interface, some of the laptops with a high dollar sound card will sometimes work.
    My setup is a FT857 with a Signalink USB and a laptop.
    For more information go here….