BRARS Field day June 26-28 2020

BRARS Field day June 26-28 2020

Location: 175 Riverbend Rd, Greenville SC 29617
Riverbend park

Site communications
Starting Friday night at net time until end of event 146.610 will be monitor for talk in to site and questions regarding the event

Cross band repeat to 146.610 will be set up on site (UHF frequency to be picked once on site)

147.610 will be the site simplex frequency

The Coronavirus outbreak has created an unusual set of problems this year, resulting in some interesting challenges, however we are going to go on with the event. Normally this event is open to the general public, and public participation is encouraged, to raise awareness of Ham Radio operations, however, this year, Coronavirus issues cause us to curtail public involvement somewhat.
You are welcome to come stay for the whole event, or for a portion of it. If you just want to swing by for a couple of hours and try communicating, or just sit and have a cup of coffee with us, you’re more than welcome to.

A handwashing station will be provided with the expectation that all  attending will make use of it

Gloves and masks will be the responsibility of individuals attending the event

Please take the time to observe social distancing and keep items that are common to the group disinfected

Rest rooms provided by the park service are available on site.

BRARS Field day Campout: 6:00 PM Friday until end of event Sunday
Water as well as power hookups may require extra long hose and power cords depending on where RV is parked

Power is available in the form of 20 amp 120, 30 amp 120 RV and 50 amp 120 / 240 connections

Tent camping as well as RV’s are welcome.

The event
This ARRL sponsored event is a National gathering that is sponsored by the ARRL and local grops such as The blue ridge amateur radio society other wise known as BRARS.

The  purpose is to set up radio equipment and communicate with others in the nation doing the same.

Set up will begin at 10 AM Saturday morning 06-26 with the contest beginning at 2:00 PM Saturday (1800 UTC) lasting until 2:00PM Sunday (1800 UTC.

ARRL Field Day

Field Day rules

refreshments / Saturday  evening dinner
Sandwiches, soft drinks, bottled water and coffee will be provided for individuals participating in field day activities such as transport,  infrastructure, setup, tear down and operating.

Participation in Saturday evening dinner is encouraged however due to the Coronavirus Individuals wanting to eat on site are encouraged to bring your own food
A grill will be provided for those that would like to use it

For those that prefer Travelers Rest is about 10 mins away where a number of restaurants can be found

The club will provide and set up 2 Kenwood TS-2000 rigs, power supplies in the form of generators, logging equipment / software and antenna system needed to operate as a 2A event

See link below for information regarding radios listed above
Support – English Instruction Manual

Laminated TS-2000 ‘cheat sheets’ will keep by the radios.

You are welcome to bring your personal equipment – radios, antennas, etc.

This event is, as much as anything, a way to get out and test remote setups, and to practice emergency communications in an ‘away from home’ setting.
The real advantage of doing a coordinated event like this, is that there will be others to communicate with. Tens of thousands will be on the air during the event.

you may also need to bring poles, cables, rope, etc. to get your antennas in the air.

A go to station in the form of at lest one 2 meter rig for those wanting to  experience operating a radio without interrupting the contesters will be set up

(still slightly tentative)
June 26, 2020  5:00 PM Friday – Collect the club’s gear at the storage site in northern Greenville County and load it onto the trailer
June 26, 2020  6:00 PM Friday – We will arrive at Riverbend park, begin unloading
June 27, 2020  10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Saturday – Equipment setup & testing
June 27, 2020  12:00 PM Saturday – Sandwich lunch, Review of equipment, procedures, schedule.
June 27-28 2020  2:00PM Saturday to 2:00 PM Sunday – Ongoing ‘event’ communications.
June 27-28 2020  6:00 PM Saturday – Dinner
June 28 2020 8:00 AM Sunday Morning  – Coffee, doughnuts
June 28 2020 12:00 PM Sunday – Sandwich Lunch
June 28 2020 2:00 PM Sunday – Wrap-up meeting (5 min)
June 28 2020 2:05 PM Sunday – Take down equipment, pack
June 28 2020 after take down Sunday – Unload trailer at club building

If you are unable to make it to the event, please plan on communicating from home

Due to the coronavirus the ARRL has rules set up for individual operators that allow for operators to log communications from off site locations

See link below
Field Day rules

It’s likely going to be hot and humid, so plan accordingly.
Even if it’s generally rainy, we can still operate, as the facility buildings are large.
In the case of thunderstorms, we will disconnect the antennas and wait out the storm

General rules
RiverBend is a small commercial park.
Please be courtious and respectful, keep the grounds clear of litter.
In particular, there may be horses in the area or passing through.
Please be calm and avoid loud noises or sudden movement if there are horses present.
In case you’ve never been around horses, DO NOT go close behind them.

Things to bring
A place to sleep
Your medicines
Any snacks and drinks you want
Water container
Lawn chair
Fans (Plug-in, or the 12V or battery types)
Rain jacket & a hat
Radios, antennas & gear
Gloves and facemasks, at your discretion

Things we will need
A trailer to get club equipment to the site.
Pat K4OSH helped with this last year.
One particular item we do not have, which would be very useful is closed-cup studio type headphones.
The noise cancelling type is excellent but expensive.
The drone of the generators is very difficult to listen to in long sessions.
If any BRARS members have these and would be willing to bring them for use in the event,
they would be much appreciated.

Sign-up sheet
Please edit the sign-up sheet and indicate how many people you will be bringing.
Also, we will need help with things like loading and unloading equipment,
and setting up antenas.
Your willingness to help with the various tasks is much appreciated.
__________ Your name & callsign
__________ How many attending? Callsigns? _____________________________________
__________ How many for dinner Saturday?
__________ How long are you planning to stay?

Please put your callsign on the slots below.
I will send out updates as signups occur.

Note: K4OSH and Kevin (I think KN4UBG) are bringing trailers.
__________ I can bring a trailer (need 1)

Note: I have Johnny WD4DYH & Nathan, Pat K4OSH, Kevin KN4UBG and myself.
Jason Morris, KD2RKN will help with the barrels and radios.
Jason has a 6ft trailer for the barrels.
Scott Vey will be handling the generators.
__________ I can help with the loading  & unloading Friday night (need 4-6)

Note: We’ll start around 9:00 AM. Whoever’s there….
__________ I can help with setup Saturday morning (need 6-8)

Update: Saturday meal will be ;bring your own’ a grill will be provided,
but each group will bring their own food and cook it themselves.
__________ I can help with the Saturday meal

Note: Again, I have Johnny WD4DYH & Nathan, Pat K4OSH, Kevin KN4UBG and myself.
__________ I can help with the teardown & loading & unloading Sunday night (need 4-6)

Note: I didn’t get any response on this. Hopefully the older guys will help?
__________ I can help with ‘Elmering’ newbies

Update: We will have a whiteboard with a schedule and sign-up sheet.
__________ I would like to participate in the ‘Contest’ Event (enter preferred times below)

Please fill in the questionnaire and return the email to K4RHF.
Many thanks to all who have participated in the past and, in advance,
to all who will participate this year.
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there.

I have heard from:
Johnny WD4DYH
Scott & Mary
Kevin KN4UBG
Randall KO4AYQ

Please direct questions to
Bob Finley K4RHF 864-436-5000

South Carolina Section Manager’s Report for February 2020

Please read the section regarding Field Day this year. – KJ4CTD

Greetings to all Amateur Radio Operators. This is Marc, N4UFP with the
South Carolina Section Manager’s Report for February 2020. Please
remember that the SC Section website can be found at: where my full report will be listed as well as up-to-the-date information on Amateur Radio in South Carolina.

First, some reminders about upcoming Hamfests in our area:

Waynesville Hamfest
Date: 25 July 2020
Location: Haywood County Fairgrounds 758 Crabtree Road, Waynesville, NC
Hours: Gates open at 6:00 am, buildings at 8:00 am
Sponsor: Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society
Admission: $7.00 at gate, $5.00 in advance
VE Testing: Yes – 2:00 pm at the Junaluska Fire Department
For more information go to

Shelby Hamfest
Date: 4 – 6 September 2020
Location: Cleveland County Fairgrounds, 1751 E. Marion Street, Shelby,
NC 28152
Hours of Operation:
Friday 4 September: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Buildings & Flea Market)
Saturday 5 September: Gates open 7:00 am-5:00 pm, buildings open 8:00 am
– 5:00 pm
Sunday 6 September: Gates and buildings open 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sponsor: Shelby Amateur Radio Club
Admission: $10.00 at gate
VE testing: Yes
Talk-In: 146.880 (-), No Tone – W4NYR Repeater
For more information contact or call (980)

Upstate Hamfest
Date: 12 September 2020
Location: Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds, 575 Fairgrounds Rd,
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Hours: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sponsor: Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society
Talk-In: 146.610 (primary), 146.820 (back up)

If anyone has a Hamfest coming up in our region that I missed, or
updated information for any Hamfest listed above, please let me know and I will include it in my next report or send out a correction, as the
case may be.

Before moving onto other topics, I would also like to mention a couple
of hamfest cancellations: the first is the Ridge Radio Club Tailgate
Party, originally scheduled for 4 April in Batesburg-Leesville; the
second, is the 2020 Dayton Hamvention, originally scheduled for 15 –
17 May 2020.

Last month, I mentioned Field Day 2020 and planning Field Day site
visits. The ARRL posted the following statement on its web site about
Field Day 2020:

“With 2020 ARRL Field Day – one of the biggest events on the Amateur Radio calendar – just about 15 weeks away, ARRL officials are
monitoring this situation with the coronavirus very closely and paying
close attention to all of the information and guidance being offered by
the CDC’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“At its core, Field Day is a local event and an opportunity for local
amateur radio clubs to showcase the skills, science and technologies
that make radio communication such a wonderful hobby and a valuable
public service. Since the impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been
very different in different parts of the country, we recommend that all
amateur radio clubs participating in Field Day be in regular contact
with their local or state public health officials for their advice and
guidance on hosting Field Day activities. This also offers an
opportunity for amateur radio clubs to bolster or re-establish their
relationships with local and state public health and emergency
management officials.”

“Because of the unique circumstances presented this year, this can be
an opportunity for you, your club and/or group to try something new.
Field Day isn’t about doing things the same way year after year – use
this year to develop and employ a new approach that is in line with our
current circumstances.”

“Local club officials are the most appropriate people to be making
decisions about their specific Field Day programs. We are all concerned
about protecting the health and safety of those participating in or
attending Field Day activities, and so we trust local club officials to
take the appropriate steps to monitor local conditions and make
decisions in the best interest of their communities.”

“ARRL officials strongly believe that following the guidelines of
local, state and national health care professionals will help ensure
everyone’s safety in the coming weeks and months.”

I don’t know yet if the SC Field Organization will be able to make
Field Day visits, but as your club’s plans come together, please list
your Field Day operation on the Field Day Locator app on the ARRL
website, or e-mail me at

OK, that’s all for this month. Everyone be safe …

Now, let’s do the numbers … Here is the February 2020 SC Section
Traffic Report from Rusty, WU2T our STM:

February 2020 National Traffic System Report for South Carolina

Net Reports
Net / Check Ins / Traffic / Sessions / Reported By
Anderson Radio Club 2M Net / 487 / 21 / 26 / KN4PZB
Atlantic Traffic Net / 76 / 12 / 8 / WF2Y
Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Net / 1180 / 32 / 29 / W4DJW
Carolina’s Net / 275 / 70 / 58 / KC4PGN
Columbia ARC 2M Net / 134 / 20 / 4 / KU5N
CSN / 151 / 24 / 29 / KV4WN
Florence ARC 2 Meter Net / 31 / 7 / 4 / N4AAK
Grand Strand ARC 2M Net / 295 / 31 / 27 / N4AJK
Greater Pee Dee 2 Meter Net / 606 / 44 / 29 / KK4KSZ
Greenwood ARC 2 Meter Net / 94 / 4 / 4 / AI4WN
Greenwood ARC 70CM Net / 53 / 4 / 4 / AI4WN
Kershaw ARC 2 Meter Net / 74 / 4 / 4 / KK4RUI
Lancaster County 2M Net / 19 / 1 / 4 / N4WMB
PALS Net / 804 / 47 / 29 / KN4AGJ
SC SSB Net / 1725 / 63 / 29 / WF2Y
Sumter County EC Net / 40 / 9 / 4 / KF4ARD


Station Activity Reports
Station / Sent / Received / Delivered / Originated / Total
WU2T / 3 / 28 / 0 / 0 / 31
WS4P / 6 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 7
WF2Y / 37 / 28 / 0 / 0 / 65

Public Service Honor Roll
Station / Cat1 / Cat2 / Cat3 / Cat4 / Cat5 / Cat6 / Total
WF2Y / 25 / 7 / 20 / 0 / 0 / 10 / 62
WS4P / 40 / 35 / 11 / 0 / 0 / 15 / 101

Until next month, 73…
Marc N4UFP
ARRL South Carolina Section
Section Manager: Dr. Marc C Tarplee, N4UFP

Field day is here!

The 2018 Field day is here!

The Blue Ridge ARS welcomes any and all to come out and see what we are all about. Setup begins on site at 10am, operations begin at 2pm, dinner is at 5:30pm. Even if you don’t have a license, we will let you get on the air, who knows, you might find a new hobby!

Field day information

2018 Field Day update

We are still looking for people to SIGN UP to help with Field Day activities and to RSVP for Saturday dinner.

Additionally, for those that would like to attend a class on basic FM VHF/UHF simplex and repeater analog radio operations, one will be held
at the field day site. This class will be for newcomers, as well as those looking to obtain an amateur radio License. Stay tuned for the start time.

Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society 2018 Field Day Announcement

The Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society invites you to its 2018 Field Day activities:

128 Pastorale Drive, Chesnee, SC 29323 (access via I-85 or SC 11)

Set up begins at 10.00 AM on Saturday 23 June
Field Day operating activities begin at 2.00 PM +/- on Saturday, June 23rd through 2.00 PM Sunday, June 24th

What to bring
Your radio equipment and antenna system to set up and operate if you would like

On-site Power and Communications
The club will provide 4 KW (4000 watts) of 120 Vac. in the form of 2, 2 KW (2000 watts) generator sets along with drop cords
You are welcome to bring power generating equipment such as batteries, generators, solar panels & etc if you would like
Talk in frequency will be on 146.610
Site simplex frequency will be on 147.610

Camping / Sleep Accommodations
For those that wish to do so, dry RV camping as well as tent camping is allowed
Onsite bathroom and shower facilities are also available

Sandwiches and drinks to be consumed during set up, operations, and tear-down will be provided by the Club
Supper will be provided by our host in the form of a smoked chicken dinner and served between 5:30pm and 6pm
A grill will be available for those that would like to bring their own food to cook

Note: If you plan to attend the Saturday supper, please contact Nathan Allison by phone or email, to allow for a head count

We Need Your Assistance With
1) Friday morning / early afternoon: Acquire computers … test and verify
2) Friday evening: Pickup & transport equipment from Club Building to Field Day Site
3) Saturday morning: Pickup and transport dry ice, drinks and sandwiches
4) Saturday morning / early afternoon: Field day talk in net controller
5) Saturday morning / early afternoon : Set up computers and network system
6) Saturday morning / early afternoon: Set up power, radios and antenna systems
7) Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon: Operating at one of the stations
8) Sunday afternoon: Site tear-down
9) Sunday afternoon: Transport club equipment from the Field Day site to Club Building

Please use our Signup form for scheduling the times that you would like to work the SSB, CW and/or Digital stations, or to help with any of the items above. Some of the items will need to be coordinated prior to Saturday, if you are willing to help with those items, please call Nathan Allison (864.884.1373) for details. All help would be appreciated!

Contact Nathan (KJ4RQZ) at or 864.884.1373

2017 Field Day Information

ARRL Field Day 2017 logo
ARRL Field Day 2017

At the 5 June BRARS meeting the members in attendance chose the Ivy Acres RV Park site as the location for our 2017 Field Day operations. Here are the details:

Ivy Acres
201 Ivy Acres Dr
Piedmont, SC 29673

Our area will be located in the southeast corner of the property.

Field Day 2017 Overview
Field Day 2017 Overview
Field Day 2017 RV Park View
Field Day 2017 RV Park View

Important Note:
The property owner has requested that if you are driving to the Field Day site, that once there, you park for the term of our operations. He wants to avoid significant traffic across the grassy area to preserve the area and prevent erosion. The same applies to picnic-goer traffic.

Camping options:
At the Field Day site: Tent camping, RV and Camper “dry” camping with Porta-potty, electricity from generators, batteries, or solar panels, bring your own water.

On the property: Limited number of RV and Camper “full hook up” sites available at $35 / night…call Ivy Acres to book your space as soon as you can

Note: David Pearson (KJ4YQK) is offering a special Field Day incentive
He will donate a 2017 ARRL Field Day t-shirt to the first ten members who sign up for site setup and tear down

If you want to sign up for a t-shirt, contact David at:
T-shirt information is available at: 2017 Field Day shirts

2017 Volunteer Signup for Operator Position(s)/Time(s) and Setup/Teardown

Schedule of Events:

Saturday 24 June 2017

  • 10.00 AM: Begin set up at the Field Day site
  • 2.00 PM: Begin Field Day Operations
  • 6.00 PM: BRARS Club picnic begins – bring a covered dish (yes with something in it) to pass

Sunday 25 June 2017

  • 2.00 PM: End Field Day Operations
  • 2.01 PM: Begin site tear down and clean up

Site Photos

Field Day 2017 Site Photo 1

Field Day 2017 Site Photo 2

Field Day 2017 Site Photo 3

Field Day 2017 Site Photo 4

Field Day 2017 Site Photo 5

Field Day 2017 Site Photo 6

If you have any questions, contact Robert (WR8RW) on 864.663.9792 or by e-mail at

Field Day 2017

Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society – 2017 Field Day Site Hunt
We are in need of your assistance to help find a 2017 Field Day site! We want to vote on our Field Day site location at the May 2017 meeting. The criteria for a Field Day site are:
-Is located in Greenville County
-Has sufficient trees for some level of shade and mounting of antennas
-Is not located on a paved lot
-Is easily accessible by vehicles with two-wheel drive
-Will accommodate camping (tents, RVs, or camper-trailers)
-Will accommodate portable toilets if necessary

Do you have a site in mind that meets the criteria above, if so:
-Contact the property owner to inquire if they would be willing to host us
-Take photographs of the site from various perspectives
-Provide basic information about the site such as location, elevation, etc.
– Send the information to Robert (WR8RW) at:

Thanks and 73 for your help!!!

Winter Field Day Set for January 30-31

There really is a Winter Field Day, and this year, it takes place over the January 30-31 weekend, sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association (WFDA). The annual event’s stated purpose is to encourage emergency operating preparedness in the winter, but it’s also a great opportunity to operate in the great outdoors. The WFDA describes itself as a dedicated group of Amateur Radio operators who believe that getting ready for emergency communication in a winter environment is just as important as the preparations and practice that take place at ARRL Field Day each June, all while taking some additional unique operational concerns into account. The WFDA points out that disasters are unpredictable, and its goal is to help enhance operators’ skills and prepare for all environmental conditions typically found in the US and Canada throughout the entire year.