Christmas meeting

Hello everyone,

I am writing you, the membership, to get your input on our December Christmas meeting. Please respond to the member mailing list (brars at with yes, no and if you can attend.

We would like to propose that for supper the club provide meat in the form of a spiral ham and have each of the members that are attending bring a dish or dessert.

If you would please respond to the email group with your choice and fill free to add any ideas for the meeting that you may have.

Thank you
Johnny WD4DYH

January Meeting date changed to Jan 8th

Good morning colleagues…After our December meeting, I looked at the January 2018 calendar noticing that our first 2018 meeting would be held on 1 January (New Years Day). Given that New Years Day is a holiday most spend with family and friends, our January meeting date is being moved to Monday 8 January. I have confirmed with Kim Eller at the Red Cross that “our room” is available on that date. We look forward to seeing you then!

Happy holidays to you and your families.


Robert (WR8RW)
(Replies may also be sent to

Membership Renewal

Hey folks,

Just a reminder to get your dues in before the end of the year. We’ve made it a little easier for you to find the online Membership Renewal page. Either click the link above, or directly from the menu on the website. You may also bring your dues with you to the January meeting, or mail them to our postal address (no cash please).

Thank you, and seasons greetings!

Tonight’s meeting

From our club President Robert (WR8RW):

One final reminder for our BRARS general meeting this evening! Feel free to come. We will have some non-alcoholic drinks available as well as “goodies” contributed by our members.

Feel free to bring your family members, as they are invited as well, along with you this evening.

We will convene our short business meeting, follow by our end-of-year celebration.

Don’t forget your membership renewals are now due. If you have any questions, let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

November 6th Club Meeting

Good evening Amateur Radio Colleagues;

A reminder about our upcoming Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society meeting next Monday evening at our new time of 7.00 PM (19.00) at the Red Cross Building, 940 Grove Road in Greenville.

As Richard (KA3JCA) mentioned, in an earlier e-mail, we will be having our annual elections at this meeting. This year the Vice President and Treasurer offices are up for election. We do have nominees that have been forwarded to Richard (the leader of our nominating committee). If you have been giving any thought to standing for election and have not contacted Richard, feel free to do so. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the meeting. I want to thank Richard for heading up the nominating committee and working diligently to contact all of our voting members about any interest they may have in these positions.

We will have a program following the election event as well as the business portion of our meeting.

As we approach 2018 we are looking for ideas / topics for our monthly meeting programs. If there is a topic or item you would like to know more about, something specific have a general or interest in, or believe our membership would find value in please send that suggestion along to me. Any idea you have will certainly be reviewed and considered.

Our December meeting is also not far off. We have generally had a “treat eat” at the December meeting to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of another. All are invited to attend! Ask your family members, who may not be Amateur Radio operators, to attend with you so they can see how “hammy” we all do get.

If you have any questions…feel free to send them along. Looking forward to seeing you next Monday.

  1. Robert (WR8RW)

September club meeting date change

At the Monday 3 July Club meeting, those in attendance voted to change the date for the September BRARS Club meeting to Tuesday the 5th of September. We hope you, and all our membership, enjoy the final “summer holiday” with family and friends.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me on 864.663.9792 or by e-mail

Thank you and 73.

Robert (WR8RW)

Replies may also be sent to

Correction: Date is the 5th, not the 6th

Eclipse Balloon Launch

Latest Update on the Stratos Project (Eclipse Balloon Launch)
Fleet Thomas Belknap and his engineering colleagues have the following update on their project:
-Funds raised, as of April 3, were $1130 toward a goal of $1700
-The Raspberry Pi and half of the sensors are purchased
-The initial Python program has been written with two additional programs under development.

For more updates on the Stratos Project visit their Facebook page at:

To donate to the project visit their GoFundMe page at:

The team have a forum thread on QRZ at: the-2017-solar-eclipse.559654/

An article was recently published on Hamsci about the project. That article is located at:

Their latest video is available at:


Solar Eclipse High-Altitude Balloon Project

Our own Fleet Belknap (KJ4ZWA), and several of his engineering program
colleagues are planning to launch a balloon to capture live stream video, and other data, for the solar eclipse that will occur on 21 August 2017.
The balloon will be lifting equipment intended to send back APRS, VHF, digital, live stream video and other data using ATV.
The estimated funds needed to “get this project off the ground” are approximately $1650. If you would like to donate to this project, send your contributions to Fleet as follows:
Fleet Belknap, Project Coordinator
108 Pine Lane
Simpsonville, SC 29681
Make your checks payable to: Anthony Cuenca IEEE PSSB
(This ensures the project contributions are correctly tracked for tax and legal purposes.)
If you have any questions, contact Fleet at the following e-mail address:

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Severe Weather Awareness Week Information

In recognition of Severe Weather Awareness Week and the upcoming severe weather season in this area, we have received the following information from Mandell Rigdon (WR4XM) related to the WARNs system and GSP Regional SkyWarn.
The list of repeaters linked in the WARNs system in support of GSP Regional SkyWarn can be found at the following link:
Additional access to the GSP Regional SkyWarn net, in the event of severe
weather, also is available through Echolink and Allstar as follows:
Echolink Node 442775-N4LRD-R
Echolink Node 791726-K9OH-R
Allstar Node 41786 K9OH/R GSPSKYWARN.ORG
There is also a training hosted by the GSP NWS Office in support of Weather Spotters at the following link:
If you have any questions feel free to contact Mandell (WR4XM) at:, or Robert (WR8RW) at

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