Upstate Trail Life Camporee 2019

Upstate Trail Life Camporee 2019 Saturday 10-19-19 update

Hello all, below you will find a site map for the trail life camp out.

See site map below.

Please note that area 4 at the end and to the left of the RV parking area is where the radio equipment can be set up.

Thank you

Trail Life site map 2019
Trail Life site map 2019


Hey folks, there have been some issues reported. I would like to ask, that where ever this message shows up for you, if you would please reply to that location (Facebook, email, Twitter, WordPress, etc) that you received this message.

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Raspberry Pi power and mounting

I’ve been in need of a good way to mount my growing collection of Raspberry Pis (rpi) and to power them from a convenient power supply. Wall warts are notorious for not supplying the correct voltage or meeting the right amperage requirements. To that end, this article was begun.

A bit about my needs, I have a rpi that includes additional hardware in the form of what is called a “hat” and also a SATA hard drive. This hat fits on top of the expansion header on the rpi, and provides additional functionality. For this article, I will be using the club repeater antenna monitor system as an example.

The initial setup consisted of a rpi, a Pi-plates DAQCplate (for Analog to Digital Conversion), and a SATA to USB board for the hard drive. The system runs from a 5Vdc/4A AC/DC power supply (wall wart). During testing under load, the power supply regularly dropped to 4.8Vdc. The rpi requires a voltage between 4.8 and 5.2Vdc. Below 4.8Vdc, the whole system becomes unstable, with possible loss of data, poor A/D acquisition, and a whole host of other issues.

After a fair amount of searching, I came upon a hopefully better approach to the power supply issue, in the form of the Bitscope Blade Uno Pi (BB01). This has a few useful features beginning with a wide range (9 to 48Vdc) power supply which outputs 5Vdc at 3A (4A peak). This allows me to use any of my ham radio power supplies and/or battery systems to power everything. Additional features of the BB01 include an extra 5Vdc power header, and dual USB jacks to power other devices.

More to come soon!

Avast antivirus has unblocked our website

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Field Day 2019

The Blue Ridge Amateur Society would like to invite you to our annual Field Day event.

Riverbend Park located at 175 Riverbend Rd, Greenville, SC 29617

BRARS field day signs will be posted at the entrance of the park and intersections leading up to it.

Talk-in: 146.610 will be monitored throughout the event to provide information. Site radio will be on 147.610 simplex for use on the site and nearby.

Field day activities will begin Friday evening June 21 at or about 1700 hours ( 5 pm ) with the loading of field day equipment from the club storage building. Setup will begin Saturday June 22 at 10 AM.

Anyone wanting to participate, please contact
Nathan Allison (KJ4RQZ) at 864-884-1373.

We will be setting up 3 stations (Class 3A), consisting of 2 club owned stations powered by generators for HF, voice, GOTA (get on the air) and CW operations plus 1 privately owned Digital station.

Please feel free to bring any equipment that you may want to experiment with, or otherwise need assistance with.

Commercial power is available in the form of 20 amp/120V, 30 amp/120V RV and 50 amp 120/240V for a fee of $20.00 per connection.

Bathrooms are available on site. Tent camping as well as RV’s are welcome.

A covered dish dinner will be served at 6pm with BRARS providing grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and condiments.

Anyone attending dinner is asked to bring a drink of their choice (non-alcoholic) and a covered dish.

Please arrive one hour (5pm) before dinner time to allow for the correct amount of grilled items to be prepared.

The event will conclude with taking down of and returning of equipment to storage on Sunday, June 23 at or about 1400 hours (2pm).


Upstate Hamfest update

We are happy to announce the following main prizes for the Upstate Hamfest on Saturday, May 4th.

Our Grand Prize is a Yaesu FT-891 HF/50 MHz transceiver, drawing will occur at 2pm. Second Prize is a Kenwood TM-V71A 144/440 MHz Dual Band Transceiver, drawing at 1pm. Third Prize is a Yaesu FT-65 144/440 MHz Dual Band Transceiver to be drawn at noon.

Please note: You do NOT have to be present to win the Grand, Second, and Third prizes. For the hourly and door prizes, you DO have to be present to win.

You can get your tickets online now on our website.