The club has received a significant donation of equipment from a silent key, for the club to use however it best sees fit.

There are some things that need handled before the club can take possession of the equipment.

  1. Storage.   We have secured a long-term weather-resistant storage at no monetary cost to the club.  The cost comes at the price of us cleaning and organizing the storage space.  We need some manpower to do some shuffling around and make some room to store the equipment.
  1. Transportation from SK’s estate to Storage.   The family would like to move the equipment sooner, rather than later (READ:  ASAP)  It’s a significant amount of equipment and will require a box-truck with a lift-gate to move, plus man-power to get it moved.  The family would like to have it all moved in one-day if possible.   The club is researching pricing of trucks with a lift-gate, and plans to comply with the family’s wishes of moving it all out in one day.

This will take a significant amount of manpower, but is a GREAT benefit to the club.    What we need is a commitment from a few individuals to help with organizing the storage area, and moving the equipment to the storage area.   Any volunteers can respond to the below email, or post a reply on the W4NYK repeater Facebook group.     This will be a challenge, and will likely take the better part of 2 days to get the storage ready and the equipment moved.

Anyone interested in volunteering should email

More information will be sent out when it becomes available.