Hello All:

Below you will find information regarding the BRARS April meeting.


(From our contact at the Red Cross)

Our building is temporary closed to the public until further notice to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have cancelled all of our external group meetings that take place in this facility for the time being.

 Please stay tuned for further information. Thank you for your cooperation.


Nicole Bonilla

Business Operations Specialist

American Red Cross I Palmetto SC Region

‪940 Grove Road‬

‪Greenville, SC 29605‬


‪We will cancel meetings until given the all clear. ‬

‪Work on the replacement repeater is continuing. ‬

‪Prep work on the Red Cross ready room is continuing outside of the building until we gain clearance for entry. ‬

‪Hamfest is still scheduled for ‬Sept 12, 2020.  Work will continue, with the expectation that it will be clear to hold the event by then.

Please feel free to reply with any questions.

Thank You