Hello all

The 61 controller and test radios are ready for a live test.

If all falls into place we would like to do a live test (that would be carried out during a net) of the complete replacement repeater system which includes radios, cable systems and controller.

This Saturday 11-30-19 1700 hours until after the net.

At the 61 site.

We will need a number of resources for the test.

Net control:
It is Nathan’s (KJ4RQZ) night to call the net.

He has agreed to call it on site which will allow for any problems that may arise to be handled quickly.

Remote stations:
Need stations located north and south on highway 85 as well as locations known to have questionable coverage.

With the goal being to acquire signal reports that will assist in the build of the system.
Please if given an opportunity on the air make it known. We will be looking for any information during the test period that would be helpful with the build.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Johnny WD4DYH