A Snippet From Technology History – Guglielmo Marconi’s Station

As an add on to the “This Week in Technology History” segment I present on Friday evening nets, I want to send along a link to an article from the BBC about Marconi’s first station in Newfoundland Canada. It is part technology history and part travelogue.  It gives you a view into Marconi’s dream and the location of his history making station in St. John’s.  Have a look at some of the photos…especially the one showing station staff wrestling with a kite used to keep an antenna aloft.  A sentence at the end of the  article speaks to the station’s role in reporting the sinking of a significant vessel early in the 20th century.

Here is the link:



Robert (WR8RW)

2018 – Confirmed BRARS Meeting Programs

The confirmed 2018 BRARS General Meetings program list is beginning to fill up!  Here are the meetings that are currently confirmed for this year:

January:  FT-8 Overview, Robert (WR8RW)

February:  “Net” Message and Traffic Handling, Steve Sabin (KM4UVN), SC SSB Net

March:  Learning CW and Additional Learning Resources, Les Shattuck (K4NK)

April:  Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Adam Shirley (WJ4X)

May:  RF-Kit B26 Legal Limit Amplifier, Gary Wise (W4EEY)

Additional programs are currently in the discussion and planning phase…watch this space for updates.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a program feel free to contact me.

Thanks and 73.

Robert (WR8RW)