Good evening Amateur Radio Colleagues;

A reminder about our upcoming Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society meeting next Monday evening at our new time of 7.00 PM (19.00) at the Red Cross Building, 940 Grove Road in Greenville.

As Richard (KA3JCA) mentioned, in an earlier e-mail, we will be having our annual elections at this meeting. This year the Vice President and Treasurer offices are up for election. We do have nominees that have been forwarded to Richard (the leader of our nominating committee). If you have been giving any thought to standing for election and have not contacted Richard, feel free to do so. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the meeting. I want to thank Richard for heading up the nominating committee and working diligently to contact all of our voting members about any interest they may have in these positions.

We will have a program following the election event as well as the business portion of our meeting.

As we approach 2018 we are looking for ideas / topics for our monthly meeting programs. If there is a topic or item you would like to know more about, something specific have a general or interest in, or believe our membership would find value in please send that suggestion along to me. Any idea you have will certainly be reviewed and considered.

Our December meeting is also not far off. We have generally had a “treat eat” at the December meeting to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of another. All are invited to attend! Ask your family members, who may not be Amateur Radio operators, to attend with you so they can see how “hammy” we all do get.

If you have any questions…feel free to send them along. Looking forward to seeing you next Monday.

  1. Robert (WR8RW)