New Information Regarding Training Classes for SkyWarn Spotters

I received the following in formation from Mandel Rigdon regarding on-line training classes for SkyWarn spotters. This training is relevant to those who are already SkyWarn spotters and need to be recertified, and those who may be new to SkyWarn. Given the funding cuts for NWS face-to-face class sessions for SkyWarn training, this is an alternative that is officially recognized by NWS GSP.

This training is provided an no cost to you. The URL for the training course materials is:

SkyWarn Spotter Training

I have included a screen shot of the “front” web page for the site to help you confirm you are in the correct location.

2017 Online SkyWarn Training Classes (pdf)

If you have any questions, contact me on 864.663.9792 or
73…Robert (WR8RW)