Great Meeting

We had a good meeting, and if you missed it here are the high spots.

We talked about the upcoming Field Day on June 22 and 23. The location will be in Greer, at the South Suber road Soccer fields. It looks like it will be a great location with a lot of trees and light posts for hanging antennas.  It has real rest rooms that will be open and one shelter.

So let’s start getting ready to have some fun and possibly score high. We will have a supper on Saturday at 5 pm with hamburgers and hot dogs. The club will supply the meat and we ask that you bring a side dish – whatever you like with your cook out. If you would drop an email to  let us know how many people you will bring. This is important to be sure we have enough to eat.  Plan to attend.

We also accepted two new members and got two new applications for the next meeting. I would like to see us grow at this rate – 2 per meeting “WOW”

We will Grow Again !!!!

One more thing: I’m looking for a Hamfest Chairman for 2014… I have a person that has shown interest but haven’t talked to him about it since the Hamfest.

Rick / kd4dra


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  1. I saw a comment on Ham Radio Nation today that really got me thinking. “The cell phones has (sic) all but killed the local repeaters… No one uses them anymore…” I know sometimes we think we get tired of hearing all the chatter on our repeaters around here, but at least they are IN USE, and we know that pretty much any hour of the day, if you NEED HELP, someone WILL be there for you. Great people at the meeting; great Hamfest; great year for BRARS. Thanks, Rick for your leadership and all the members AND GUESTS who helped make them that way!

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